Plastic straws, bottles and bags takes a toll on oceans, putting people's health at risk

Using drinking straws, bottled water, shopping bags, and consumer product packages are causing irreparable damages to the ocean and our health. Due to more than 8 million of the nearly 300 million tons of plastic produced every year being dumped in the world’s oceans. That debris that is being created inside the oceans can sicken the seabirds and marine life because these microplastics enter the food chain, ushering toxins into the fatty tissues of fish and other animals, which may subsequently be consumed by people.
Let’s do our part and eliminate and/or eradicate the habit of consuming plastic straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags and consumer product plastic packages and stop damaging an entire planet and our own health!

The Harvard University presented this research with a community of public health members: Jennifer Lavers from the Research Scientist Institute for Marine and Antarctic from the University of Tasmania.