Collection: Llama Alpaca Stuff Toy

 Beautiful and super soft handmade Llama Alpaca Toy (30 cm / 11.81"). All is made with Peruvian  natural/organic materials. 

These will keep your baby and children warm and calm for years to come. They will enjoy the warm fluffy feel which is just like a real a real Llama. You will not find the same quality and items anywhere else. This are exclusively made for our collection. No animals were harmed to make this stuffed animal. 

This collection comes with a variety of colors and combinations since each Llama is uniquely made for our customers. 

If you have a special request for your loved ones feel free to contact us to have it specially made.

They are a wonderful gift that will last a life time.  Available In natural white or brown color. Great gift for children and adults.

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